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AGAP International was established in the year 1998 in Monte-Carlo principality of Monaco.

Since the beginning, the goal of the company was the worldwide seafood trading by setting together all the major fish producers, in order to give to the final customers the whole service of the expertise and knowhow all at once.

The history of the group

In 2001 we established a branch office in Xiamen (China), in this way we are able to follow in more accurate way export from China to Europe.

We have also established an important partnership in USA, as shareholder we have of one of the most reputed companies in the food service PANAPESCAUSA, and several trading relationships with some of the major international seafood groups in the world. In this way, we are more global in the market and give our customers a wide vision.

We are financing and developing trading in and out the new growing markets, which are recently approaching the frozen fish importation.

Further, in 2020 we achieved the IFS trading certification, in this way we can guarantee to all of our customer better quality in our products and service.

Where you can find us

15, rue Princesse Antoinette – Palais Hirondelle, MC 98000 Monaco

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