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Wood floor and construction materials

Thanks to our decennial expertise we can assist you on your business with china

in 3 steps

1. We have connections with over 50 supplyiers all around china (all of our selected suppliers acheaves the highest standard in terms of certifications such as eutr, fsc, ce) and we will select the most suitable for you and your needs
2. We follow production and final quality control
3. we will help you with all import/export documents

Frozen Seafood

We have connections with over 30 suppliers and we are constantly monitoring them in terms of certification and allowance to export in both Europe and US

1. Following customer request and specifications we will enquire them finding the best solution to your needs

2. We will inspect the goods on cargo loading with our personnel on site
3. We will follow all documents process in this way once goods will arrive at destination custom clearance will be the easiest possible for customer

Other Items

Since several years we use the same business approach on new market area such as garments, clothes and promotional items; customers can rely on us for these purchasing and following their requirement we can scout the proper factory suitable for them, follow all the production phases and assist them on import/export burocracy.